HPC (formerly known as Cyan Advisories) recognises the fundamental importance of data privacy and security and is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers, employees and partners across all its business operations.

HPC is fully committed to privacy and personal data protection. This compels all affiliates and employees of the company to uphold the following principles whenever HPC handles personal data:

● We are collecting and using personal data fairly and lawfully. We strive to be transparent and open about the data we collect and only use it for the purposes that are known to the concerned individual.
● It is respecting individual rights and choices. We respect individuals’ decisions about how their data is collected, treated and used by HPC. This includes the right to access, correct and remove data held by HPC.
● We are managing data responsibly. We know that the confidentiality and integrity of personal data are essential to maintaining trust. We take adequate measures to protect personal data from unauthorized use or disclosure risks.

HPC’s data privacy is supported by our company’s Data Privacy Officers and experts throughout the state of Karnataka. The latter ensures the implementation of and compliance with our privacy commitments across our organization globally.

We are committed to fostering a culture where all HPC employees clearly understand how important data privacy is and how to ensure it is protected. Our data privacy awareness course is available for all existing employees and is part of the induction programme for our new employees. It is supplemented by a dedicated e-learning programme specially created for employees involved with specific aspects of personal data like HR, marketing or IT departments.

Please complete our online privacy request form if you have any questions about our data privacy commitments or wish to report a privacy incident.

This statement applies to all HPC affiliates too.

Protection of personal data is important to every part of our business. It is at the heart of our promise to our clients, our values, principles, conduct, and success and is essential to maintaining trust.